a little bit about me...
Hi, I’m a Computer Scientist currently living in Campinas, Brazil. Here I work at the Computer Systems Laboratory (LSC), which is a great lab located at the Computing Institute (IC) of the University of Campinas (Unicamp). At LSC I'm developing a PhD research focused on Systems Security and its aspects regarding Computer Architecture, Compilers and Virtual Systems. Prof. Sandro Rigo is my advisor. Latest results regarding this research were published at the conference SBACPAD 2014.
In the summer of 2014 I moved to New York to work for a year as a visiting scholar at the Computer Science department in the Columbia University. During this year I've been mentored by Vasileios Kemerlis on a research regarding security-related compiler-level instrumentation of binaries. The results of this work are yet to be published.
In the summer of 2013 I lived in Seattle, where I was enrolled in a summer internship at Microsoft Research. During the internship I developed a research focused on compilers and binary diversification. Here I was mentored by Mariusz Jakubowski.
I also hold a Master's degree in Computer Science from the University of Campinas. For that I've developed a research on Virtual Platforms, Transactional Memories and its effects on power consumption. The main contributions of this work were published on the conferences ISLPED’10 and RSP2011. The dissertation, in pt-br, is available here.
I've also been a student in Google Summer of Code program in 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2012. In 2008 I worked on the development of secure, fast and interactive web interfaces for the OSSIM Tool. In 2009 I've worked developing scripts and improving the infrastructure of Nmap Script Engine, mainly focusing HTTP related resources. In 2010 I've written an art-work web manager for TuxPaint, mostly intended in supporting the development of the application's multimedia contents. In 2012 I've worked on the integration of Nmap into the PacketFence tool.
I also have some experience as "Algorithms and Computer Programming" teacher, having taught this subject during three different semesters at Unicamp.
During my graduation I've developed a scientific research related with BioInformatics. For this research, I've written some Genetic Algorithms based code in Java focusing the sequence alignment problem. This research was advised by the Prof. Wellington Martins.
I've also worked for one year in the company Redeempresarial as a web developer, writing code mostly in PHP, javascript, SQL and Perl.
Finally, I'm an enthusiast of non-academic hacking conferences. In the past I had the pleasure of giving talks at H2HC, Ekoparty and FISL.
Besides computers, I also love music. I had some rock bands in the past and right now I'm enrolled in two different musical projects.
The first is called "Nuvens Invisíveis", whose first EP is available for download here and is about to release a second one. Many music videos for this band are available here.
The second project is a psychedelic band called "Mochila de Criança" and we are currently preparing our first record.
A song from a previous band called "redlights" can can’t be listened here (sorry, grooveshark is out of business now, I’ll try to upload it somewhere soon).
I've been trying to collect the flyers and posters from the gigs I've been playing. Here are the pieces I've been able to collect so far.
Everything from my bands is available in Creative Commons, so feel free to play around.
João Batista Corrêa Gomes Moreira
What I Do?
Computer Scientist, PhD Student at Unicamp
Research Interests:
Computer Architecture, Compilers, Virtual Systems, Systems Security
And here is my resumé!
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+55 19 98854 3738
Laboratório de Sistemas de Computação
Instituto de Computação
Universidade de Campinas
Av. Albert Einstein, 1251
Campinas/SP - Brasil - 13083-852